JAG3D - problem with starting application

by Micha ⌂, Tuesday, June 19, 2018, 09:59 (280 days ago) @ Alija

Hello Alija,

JAG3D wont start. I used the older version of the JAG3D program more than a year ago. Now I tried again to use your latest version from github, but the program wont start. I installed Java 10.0.1 version. When I click on the jag3d program icon, only splash appears and then it disappears. The program never starts

Can you provide some further information? Please open a windows shell (CMD) and check the installed java version, i.e.

java -version

on my operating system, the output is


Do you receive your installed java version, i.e. version 10.0.1?

If yes, please try to start the application via command line, i.e.

java -jar jag3d.jar

Please note, you have to switch the path to the executable jar file, see Screenshot


Does the application start? If no, do you get some error or exceptions on the cmd?


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