Inquiry: Direction of Z-axis in JAG3D Software

by JWD_69, Monday, June 12, 2023, 08:25 (106 days ago) @ Micha

Dear Micha,

Thank you for your previous response and explanations regarding the axis orientation in JAG3D. I have encountered a real-life situation in monitoring a house where I am facing some confusion.

In this case, the target "C" has initial coordinates of (X0 = 5535.046459, Y0 = 8090.582053, Z0 = 21.937977). After performing some work, the new coordinates become (X = 5535.046459, Y = 8090.582053, Z = 21.937977). When I calculate the displacements by subtracting the initial values from the current values (delta X = X - X0, delta Y = Y - Y0, delta Z = Z - Z0), I obtain the following results: (delta X = 0.012655, delta Y = -0.008216, delta Z = 0.005266).

However, the values displayed in the delta (x, y, and z) columns in JAG3D seem to be reversed. According to JAG3D, the delta values indicate that the house is moving upwards. However, the reality on the ground suggests that the house is actually moving downwards, consistent with the values displayed in JAG3D's delta columns.

To assist you in better understanding the situation, I have prepared screenshots that show the calculated results as well as the values displayed in JAG3D. You can view them at the following links:

Screenshot 1: []
Screenshot 2: []

These screenshots clearly illustrate the discrepancy between the calculated results based on the actual coordinates and the values displayed in JAG3D.

Thank you for your attention and assistance. I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

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