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by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Friday, August 25, 2023, 03:21 (297 days ago) @ Vlastimil

Hello Vlastimil,

Based on the link - does JAG3D calculate the P-value for testing the Tprio/Tpost values?

JAG3D obtained the p-values from the test statistics Tprio and Tpost, respectively. There is a simple relation between both representations, i.e., T is the test statistic and the p-value is the corresponding probability. Both values are linked to each other. If you know T, you also know p and vice versa.

Then the highlighting settings are mosty about significance level alpha, instead of the probability value in %. Isn't it there an misinterpretation of label? Shouldn't it be there in highlight settings written "significance level alpha in %" (respectively "Probability value alpha in %", as it is written in settings of test statistics), instead?

The p-value is a probability value related to the type I error. However, if the row highlighting is enabled, the colors of the table rows are not related to your specified alpha defined in the test statistic dialog. To be more concrete: The p-values come from your data, the alpha is your sensibel selected (individual) threshold. For instance, there is no alpha for a specific distance but there is a test statistic T and a related probability p of T, and you are able to check p against your specified alpha. The boundaries in the row highlighting dialog are similar to the bins of a histogram.

As an illustration of this behavior am I attaching two screenshots I took.

Thank you. I checked my sources and (I think) I was able to figure out the problem. I've compiled a corrected version of JAG3D, which can be found here: JAG3Dv20230904.

Can you check this release and send me some feedback?

All the best

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