P-value meaning + rows highlighting - JAG3Dv20230904

by Vlastimil @, Tuesday, September 05, 2023, 05:28 (21 days ago) @ Micha

Hello Micha,

thanks for clarification of P-value meaning. I asked because I am trying to find the best workflow for net adjustment (I know about your recommendation to use T-values with combination with EP), which will suits mine quite specific data set. Now I hope, that I understood the issue, although it will still need some investigation and thinking.

Regarding the bug you found - I am attaching screenshot of the similar network with similar settings as I did before and everything seems as it should look like.

(link: https://i.postimg.cc/ncCPfkhN/pprio-01-1.png )

I am glad I was able to "contribute" and thanks for bugfix :)

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