Uncertainty of instrument and target heights

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Wednesday, February 21, 2024, 06:10 (52 days ago) @ Krunoslav Spoljar

Dear Krunoslav,

has JAG3D, within classical terrestrial geodetic 3D network adjustment (horizontal directions, slope distances and zenith angles), the possibility of defining the uncertainty of instrument and target heights?

No, not yet. The uncertainties σa, σb, σc have no physical meaning. They differ in the processing of the distance information. The constant part (i.e., independent of the distance) is σa, σb uses the square rooted distance and σc the distance, cf. stochastic model in JAG3D.

If not, what would be a possible workaround, i.e., how to achieve with JAG3D that the mentioned uncertainties are included in the final position accuracy of the network points?

Since σa, σb, σc have no physical meaning, you have to model the uncertainty of the instrument and target height by impact using σa, σb or/and σc or you determine the uncertainties individually and enter an individual uncertainty for each observation (that means you do not have to specify σa, σb, σc).

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