Importing fixed points with known variances

by bukac, Tuesday, March 26, 2024, 02:52 (17 days ago)

Dear Mitcha,

I have a question regarding the adjustment of a levelling network. Here is the case, I have some fixed heights that are known from another adjustment as well as their corresponding variances. Now I have to include these heights in my adjustment and I don't want them to change, but I want to include their variances as well and not to assume they are error-free.
If I understand correctly the types of points in JAG3d, reference points are fixed points without uncertainties while stochastic points have uncertainties but they get new coordinates during the adjustment.
So, I would like to know is there a way to import fixed points with known variances in JAG3d and adjust the network in a way that these variances affect the results of the adjustment but the imported fixed points remain unchanged?

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,

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