Deformation analysis between epoch 1+2+..k-1 vs epoch k

by Micha ⌂, Friday, August 31, 2018, 08:17 (208 days ago) @ Nguyen Thanh Trung


I'm just wondering that, Is JAG 3D software do the deformation analysis between epoch 1+2+3+...k-1 and epoch k.

JAG3D supports a comparison of two epochs. Usually, the current control epoch k is compared to the reference epoch and - sometimes - to the last control epoch k-1. In most cases, there is no further benefit to compare the e.g. epoch e=2 and e=6, if the current epoch is k=20. If you like to compare all epochs e=1...k-1 to k, you are able to combine the fist epochs, i.e. combine the data of {1...k-1} and carry out the congruence analysis to k. For an individual comparison, i.e. 1 vs. k; 2 vs. k; 3 vs. k; ... k-1 vs. k, you have to create individual projects (or enable/disable the needed/unneeded observation and point groups in a single project).

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