Import Deflections of vertrical Value

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Wednesday, January 15, 2020, 20:00 (943 days ago) @ Amedeo_

Hello Amedeo,

I tested the "v20200114" version and it works


The deviation input values ​​are expected in the program in mgon, but "column-based import" sees them as Gon. Can you modify it?

Of course but then, we have some kind of inconsistencies. For angles and lengths, there are three methods to format the value. The first one is related to residuals, the second one to the uncertainties and the last one to the "normal" values (e.g. the observed values), cf. the sources.

Now, let us take a look to the CSV import of observations. The "value" as well as the "uncertainty" uses the same converting method, i.e., convertAngleToModel(value) or convertLengthToModel(value) but not convertAngleUncertaintyToModel(value) or convertLengthUncertaintyToModel(value). A similar situation is given in CSV import of points. Always the "normal value"-option is used - to be backward compatible to former versions of JAG3D.

There is a small work-around: Before starting the import process, just change the unit of angle measurement to mgon (or your desired unit):


Import your CSV file. Now, the imported values are interpreted as mgon (or the selected unit). Change it back after import...

Kind regards

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