Deformation analysis between epoch 1+2+..k-1 vs epoch k

by Micha ⌂, Friday, September 28, 2018, 07:30 (180 days ago) @ Nguyen Thanh Trung


how to input covariance matrix to JAG-3D using GNSS receivers with, for example, horizontal accuracy: 5mm+0.5ppm, vertical accuracy: 10mm+0.5ppm.

JAG3D doesn't support full variance-covariance matrices. You can define the uncertainties of the baseline component (i.e. the variance taken from the variance-covariance matrix) or a distance dependent uncertainty model, which is similar to the uncertainty model of distance-measurements. If the horizontal and the vertical components haven't equal uncertainties, you have to calculate the uncertainties by your suggestion e.g. 5mm+0.5ppm and 10mm+0.5ppm.


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