Problems with JAG3D and Java SDK 11

by Micha ⌂ @, Saturday, October 27, 2018, 17:58 (326 days ago) @ Huibert-Jan

Hi Huibert-Jan,

thank you for reporting. First of all, I don't have a final solution yet but a workarond, which works for me. I will give you a short description, how you can run JAG3D using Java 11. The problem is, JavaFX was removed from the standard SDK. Oracle's intention is to create a more modular SDK. Therefore, major components were removed like JAXB, JavaFX, etc. These components or modules will be developed separately.

The module JavaFX 11, the graphic library that is used by JAG3D, can be found here: Please download the SDK for your platform. Moreover, you need Java 11. Up to now, I only tested the OpenSource version of the SDK (OpenJDK) and not Oracle's version. The Java SDK-11 can be found here: for several platforms.

Unzip the Java SDK-11 as well as the JavaFX SDK-11. For this demonstration, I copied both SDKs to the same folder, close to JAG3D. To run JAG3D, you have to use a modified or extended command, i.e.:

jdk-11.0.1\bin\java.exe -jar --module-path javafx-sdk-11\lib --add-modules=javafx.controls,javafx.swing JAG3Dv20181001\jag3d.jar

Please take a look to the screenshot to reproduce my test case.


So, you don't need to install a SDK. You can copy the command to a BATH-script to avoid the use of the command line tool.

I'will focused on the problem within the next days and report my results in this thread.

Please let me know, if it works for you.


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