2 distincts stations in one adjustement

by Antoine Chabert @, Thursday, November 19, 2020, 15:25 (9 days ago) @ Micha


Thank you for your complete answer. I really appreciate it. I made some progress and indeed, it was a problem of configuration.

To sum up our work and needs:

In our construction site, we have 3 kinds of points :

• AUS : points need to be determined measure by TPN16 OR TPN17,
• REF : points measured by TPN16 OR TPN17 fixed, has references,
• CD : doubles points near to each other measured by TPN16 AND TPN17 –

NB : CD are in our case considered as AUS (need to be determined – but they could be REF).

Then, we have 3 kinds of terrestrial measurements :
• Dataset A. : Hz, V, D of TPN16 (1st station) – with normal precision 0.3mgon & 1mm => for AUS & REF
• Dataset B. : Hz, V, D of TPN17 (2nd station) – with normal precision 0.3mgon & 1mm => for AUS & REF
• Dataset C. : Hz, V, D of links between TPN16 & TPN17 (with high precision – 0.03mgon & 0.1mm) => for CD

Then, we want to insert all this information in JAG3D.

We have differents options :
• Use C only – it is not work because JAG3D understand a new station : CD
• Concatenate A&C – report C.html in attach file
• Concatenate B&C

What is the best option ? What JAG3D configuration is adapt to our site ?

Otherwise, we make a post in October 20 to learn if it is possible to insert constant vector 3D in JAG3D. The answer that was not possible and we have to insert measurement between points with high level of precision.
Do you think that the configuration made up is ok for this need ?

Kind regards,

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