2 distincts stations in one adjustement

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Thursday, November 19, 2020, 18:49 (9 days ago) @ Antoine Chabert


I've downloaded the file (should I remove the link from your posting?).

However, I have some questions to get a better impression of your network (and the problem).

• AUS : points need to be determined measure by TPN16 OR TPN17,

These points are only measured by one of the stations (no redundancy)?

• REF : points measured by TPN16 OR TPN17 fixed, has references,

Again: The reference points are only measured only once by one of the stations (no redundancy/no connection)?

• CD : doubles points near to each other measured by TPN16 AND TPN17 –

Okay, these points connect both stations, right? However, what is a "double point"? And what means "near to each other" in this context? Is, for instance, PR_Z4-60-3_C-1 and PR_Z4-TPN17-60-3_C-1 such a "point pair"?

• Dataset C. : Hz, V, D of links between TPN16 & TPN17 (with high precision – 0.03mgon & 0.1mm) => for CD

Otherwise, we make a post in October 20 to learn if it is possible to insert constant vector 3D in JAG3D.

Ah, okay, you refer to this posting?

So, you have dX, dY and dZ between the CD point pairs and you convert these Cartesian values to polar measurements, right? Is dZ pointing to the same direction as the vertical axis of the instrument in your network? Contains the Excel files such information on dX, dY and dZ?

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