2 distincts stations in one adjustement

by Antoine Chabert @, Friday, November 20, 2020, 16:03 (8 days ago) @ Micha


Thanks for your fast return!

You can delete the link, but it is not a priority.

All the points (AUS+REF+CD) have not a strictly redundancy; there is only points measured by one station.

CD / doubles points connect both stations. A double point are 2 prisms near to each other like 10cm max. One prism is oriented for TPN16; the other is oriented for TPN17. In our monitoring site, we consider that the vector 3D between this 2 points are constants.
PR_Z4-60-3_C-1 and PR_Z4-TPN17-60-3_C-1 are such a point pair.
I give you the file contains the construction of this pairs in the link below :

Exactly, that was our post and we are trying to make it in practice.

Yes we have dX, dY and dZ in our data file CD_LINK-TPN16_17.xlsx (available in the link above).

For your information, this work is static today to know how JAG3D works but later our goal is to use it in automatically way.




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