2 distincts stations in one adjustement

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Tuesday, November 24, 2020, 07:35 (61 days ago) @ Antoine Chabert


Indeed, all the directions are derived within the same datum. But in this case, I do not understand how JAG3D can calculate his network without enable the group. I thought that there should have a geometric problem : no complete link between CD points.

To calculate your network, the link between the CD points is not needed here. Each station can be adjusted independently. Thus, you can also disable the distances and vertical angle group of the CD points. Adding more information doesn't change this effect - the network is still estimable. The pseudo-observations between the CD points are further information. If this information is enabled, dependencies between both stations are introduced.

But JAG3D adjustement do not consider the projection

In general, it is a projection problem and not an adjustment one. JAG3D is designed to adjust a network. Moreover, you are using UTM coordinates but UTM is not defined in 3D - there is no slope distance or vertical angle in a map projection.


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