1D parameters and datum points

by tasa, Saturday, December 12, 2020, 15:01 (43 days ago) @ Micha

Hello Micha

Thanks for answer.

Now I have questions for deformation analysis.

I have 1D measurements in two epoch. I lodaded datum points, new points in zero measurement, new points of last measurements, leveling data of zero measurement and of last measurement, then I load congurence analysis with points names for zero and last measurements (new points in both series)...

First question is how I can do deformation analysis for datum points?

I tried to do deformation analysis of datum points with gaus-helmert and unimodal transformation(uncheck Scale Mz in gaus-helmert)

For unimodal transformation(uncheck Scale Mz in gaus-helmert) after processing my results I always get that is unstable points who has bigger deviation, but positive deviation!.

for example if I calculate deviation in excel the biggest negative deviation between points is - 3mm and the biggest positive is +2.4mm.
But in deformation analysis(unimodal transformation(uncheck Scale Mz in gaus-helmert) I get that is point with +2.4mm unstable and -3 is stable. That is not logically?
if I turn off point with +2.4 another unstable point is usually some positive results like 1.8 which is still better deviation compared with -3..

If is only problem in method which working on this way, what you suggest me, how to do deformation analysis for network points?

Best regards.

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