Congruence analysis using JAG3D

by tasa, Monday, December 14, 2020, 13:46 (41 days ago) @ Micha

Hello Micha

Thanks for answer.

I have tried with tutorial which is on website. But I couldn't get information of deformation in datum points.

I uplodaded in datum points (point_1d_datum), new points in epoch_0, new points of epoch_1,
leveling data of epoch_0(turned on reference epoch button) and of epoch_1(turned on control epoch button), then in point nexus 1d I loaded vector_epoche0_1
I adjusted a and b for leveling data and did adjust network.

There on website in tutorial explanation it sees that is the point 3 from datum points group unstable. But in my adjustment I couldn't get same results.

In my adjustment in datum points (in congurence of points tab), there are only zeros..
although on picture which is on website are different results

Also in reports I don't get information of deformations of datum points

Here is picture how I loaded data maybe you can see what is problem.


One method of deformation analysis is gaus-helmert. I wanted to tell you that I get illogical results for 1D transformation. For 2D I get good results. Maybe is my mistake with 1D, but better check is everything OK.:-D

Thanks a lot!

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