Congruence analysis using JAG3D

by tasa, Friday, March 19, 2021, 09:03 (29 days ago) @ Micha

Thank a lot Micha, I appreciate it.

I have noticed that in adjustment and deformation analysis for example for 1D height of zero epoch or (Z0 like import data in adjustment) of some point for example is Z0 = 100.00 and after processing is Z = 100.15 (calculated). In Δz is value of -0.15, Why software sees that point has settlement because there is minus 0.15 but actually point have uplift because new height is 100.15 that mean it is higher for 0.15. Is that only problem in settings, do I need somewhere to put for deviation calculation to be Z-Z0? Not to be like now Z0-Z because that is little confusing. (Z is currently calculated in software, Z0 is imported as known)

Is possible with that software to do pre-processing of network, if is yes do you have some tutorials?

Thanks a lot!

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