Graphic of 1D displacements in leveling network

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Friday, May 07, 2021, 20:54 (38 days ago) @ Krzysztof

Hello Krzysztof,

Hmmm, a very strange case. I was doing this previously and the plot was not appearing. But now is ok. I hope that it will be ok also tomorrow :-).

Do you enable the right point type(s) - not only one type? Please note, all point types are twice (a-priori and a-posteriori). Moreover, sometimes you have to refresh the plot. In this case, please click to the icon with the four arrows (diagonal order; not the move function). In this case, JAG3D determines all plotable objects and plot the graphic to the window centre. Use this function, if you change the datum or something like that - or if the plot is not generated to the current view port.

Thank you for providing both networks. I'll take a look to the data tomorrow. Is it an "official net" or do you use the "design" of the horizontal Delft network and add some heights?

Kind regards

Btw.: I found an error in the congruence table (view). The column order and size is stored in the database, but two columns have identical names. On re-open the project, the column order is somewhat random... I'll fix it tomorrow.

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