Points importation

by Omran @, France, Thursday, July 22, 2021, 10:22 (68 days ago)


I have a project to recalculate the coordinates of a network of reference points that had been calculated a long time ago. I have made measurements with a tachometer and I would like to use the JAG3D software in order to obtain new coordinates. I imported my measurements, however, I don't know where I should import my points, they are mostly references for which I have approximate coordinates, so I thought I would import them into stochastic points. There are also free stations which I don't know where to import them from. I made various attempts but each time the software told me that "iteration limit of adjustment process reached but without satisfactory convergence. I know however that my data is valid because I managed to obtain conclusive results with another software: COMP3D. I must nevertheless use JAG3D as part of my project, do you have any solutions to give me? Any help would be appreciated.

I thank you fully for your time, cordially,

Edoo Omran.

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