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by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Thursday, July 22, 2021, 10:37 (68 days ago) @ Omran

Hello Edoo,

I imported my measurements,

Do you use an official file provided by the total station (e.g. a GSI file from Leica) to import your data or do you organise the date in simple ASCII files? Does each set of directions have its own group (an individual item in the tree menu)? Please note, it is not possible to combine all observation types with each point dimension. For instance, if you have planar 2D network, leveling data are not supported. There is a table in the (German) documentation that explains the supported combinations.

they are mostly references for which I have approximate coordinates, so I thought I would import them into stochastic points.

JAG3D supports three (four) point types. Reference points are points having known (fixed) coordinates. Stochastic points have known coordinates, too. In contrast to reference points, stochastic points allow to specify some uncertainties and will be adjusted within the adjustment process. If points are unknown, the new point type is recommended. (In case of a free network adjustment, new points can be divided into datum points and new points).
Depending on your task/project, select the desired point types.

There are also free stations which I don't know where to import them from.

If the position is unknown, import the approximation values to a new point group.

Kind regards

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