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video [2021/04/16 11:40]
Michael Lösler Outliers: Detection, Identification, Adaptation
video [2021/05/07 15:05] (aktuell)
Michael Lösler Deformation analysis
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 +=====  Geodetic networks and point types ===== 
 +This tutorial focuses on the point types supported by JAG3D. A leveling network is adjusted using known reference points (forced network), and using stochastic points (dynamic network). The differences between the point type are demonstrated.
 +=====  Deformation analysis ===== 
 +A deformation analysis (congruence analysis) is performed based on the raw observations of a small leveling network using the software JAG3D. The stability of the reference network - the datum points - is analysed using hypothesis testing within a free network adjustment. According to the DIA approach, a misspecified functional model is detected and an unstable datum point is identified. In the adaptation phase, this point is treated as object point - not defining the datum. Moreover, shift parameters of object points are derived.
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