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I have 10 points. I know approximate coordinates of these points.

Okay. Beside the points, you also have to specify the observations (not the measurement values but the connection i.e. there is a distance observable between point A and B).

Is there any documentation to start with the simulation of observations as well as net-simulation.

No, because there is no essential difference between a normal network adjustment and a simulation. The analysis of the results may differ, of course.

I am using a Leica TS-30 which
has uncertainty:
hz&V angle = 0.3 mgon
distance =1 mm+Ippm.

Specify the observable connections by simple flat files like:

A B 0
A C 0
A D 0
A E 0
A F 0

First column is the station-id, second one the target-id and the zero-value is a placeholder because the simulation does not need true measurement values. Create a such a single file for each planned station.

Depending on your network dimension (1D, 2D or 3D) import this file as leveling data, set of directions, horizontal distances or slope distances. Specify the a-priori uncertainties for each observation group.
Select the simulation mode and run the adjustment. Analysis your result and optimize the schedule, i.e., remove observations or add further stations etc.

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