Graphic of 1D displacements in leveling network

by Micha ⌂, Bad Vilbel, Friday, May 07, 2021, 19:05 (38 days ago) @ Krzysztof

Hello Krzysztof,

Could you tell me if JAG3D can plot the leveling network with 1D displacements?

Yes, it is possible. The following screenshot depicts the deformation vectors (yellow/orange) of the deformed points. I add some x/y coordinate components to the 1D-points, using the sketch from the tutorial. (Thus, the network extent is not correct.)


PS. My input data are horizontal coordinates (X, Y) of the network points and, of course, the height differences from two epochs.

If your network is a true leveling network, you have to import 1D points but you can specify the horizontal components, e.g.,

#<ID> <East> <North> <Height>
Point_A 150 125 25
Point_B 100   0 75

Please note, you have to enable the plot function for 1D-points. This option is disabled by default because usually x/y components are not known (and all points would be located at the origin).

Kind regards

P.S. I upload a further video tutorial concerning the deformation analysis in JAG3D.

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